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  • Summer 2014 Recap

    The summer is drawing to a close, and while I sadly was less-than-diligent about blog posts over the past few months, there’s a lot of news.

    First, in April I got a call from an old friend, Clara Aranovich, asking if I wanted to hop on a plane and co-produce a short documentary about a soccer league for old women in rural South Africa. One week, several shots, and a very long trip later, I was just outside of Polokwane, the capital of Limpopo, South Africa. We were shooting in Shoshego, a township on top of a hill outside of the city. The experience was incredible--Clara is a brilliant director and photographer, and tagging along with her in South Africa was a life-changing experience. The documentary, and Clara's superlative website, can be found here. I encourage everyone to check out her work. 

    Shortly after my return to the states, I went up to the New London Barn Playhouse, in New London, NH, to play Count Carl-Magnus Malcolm in A Little Night Music. (Production stills can be found here.) It was a wonderful production, and I got a chance to work with some of my favorite collaborators: my dear friend Katie Bruestle played opposite me as Countess Charlotte Malcolm; my mentor, friend, and former professor Carol Dunne played Desiree; fellow Dartmouth alum (and close friend for the last ten or so years) Lillian King directed. 

    Immediately after A Little Night Music closed, I went to Hanover to set up for VoxFest 2014, the new works festival that my theater company, Vox Theater, produces. Thirty participants came up to Hanover to develop six shows over the course of a week.  I acted in Pox, written by Vox co-founder Kate Mulley, and also directed by Lillian King. Pox is the story of a man who develops late-stage syphilis and begins to hallucinate that he’s a 19th century dandy. (Hilarity ensues.) Lillian and I also teamed up for a performance art piece called “Back Biters,” during the Vox Barter, an evening of performance art in Dartmouth’s Hood Museum. (Photos of Pox and “Back Biters” can be found here.) This was our second year doing VoxFest, and the response from the College and the community has been overwhelmingly positive—as it stands now we’re looking to make it a permanent feature of the Dartmouth College summer term.

    After returning to New York, I acted in a staged reading of Emma Stanton’s new play, Bojko and the Glacier, directed by Marina McClure. Marina is another frequent Vox collaborator, and a Dartmouth alumna—working with her is always a joy, and this time was no exception.  

    At present, I’m rehearsing a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, to be presented by New Place Players at Casa Duse in Brooklyn. I’ll be playing Theseus and Oberon, roles I haven't touched since my senior year of college. (Presumably I'll give a more nuanced performance this go around.) More updates about that production to come!

    Lastly, The Unbelievers, the movie I shot in the winter is just about finished, and will hopefully have a proper screening soon. I saw a rough cut, and I'm very excited about seeing the final product.